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Re: [IP] Sex and the Pump

I disconnect for having sex.  It just wasn't working any other way.  We did rip 
out an infusion set once (after disconnecting ).  It doesn't hurt or bleed or 
anything.  It's just an inconvenience to have to redo the whole thing.  He felt 
really bad about it, but I said don't worry.  We are pretty active,  usually 
ignore the set, and it still has only been ripped out once in 3 years.  As for 
being high... well, sometimes I end up being low afterward, and sometimes I am 
high.  It's very unpredictable.  If I find that I am off it for more than an 
hour I will reconnect for a .5 to 1 unit bolus (depending on how active I am).  
We just sit and kiss/"make out" while I am doing it.  We have found that taking 
a break for a couple minutes actually intensifies the passion aspect.  It's 
like when you can't do something that makes you want to do it even more.  It's 
difficult to explain withoutgetting into detail.  I hope I'm not offending 
anybody here. ;)  Anyway, immediately afterward I do a test.  If I am lower 
than 100 he goes downstairs to fetch a snack.  If it's over 200 I do a bolus 
(or over 150 with less activity).  I then try to test a few hours later to make 
sure I am back on track.  It's not an exact science, but what with dm is?  I 
refuse to let it take over my life so that being intimate is no longer 
enjoyable.  What point is there to living a long life if we can't enjoy some of 
it?  Anyway, if you have any more questions, please feel free to email me 
privately.  Good luck!

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