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Re: [IP] What a LOW feels like....

I have horrid nightmares too.  Why don't I ever have HAPPY dreams while
having a nighttime insulin reaction.  Usually the end of the world is near,
or someone is trying to kill my family, or the devil is trying to kill or
possess me or something like that . . . One evening I woke hubby Juan up and
asked him if he only had a year to live (which of course was the reality I
was living in)what did he want to do.  He groggily replied "Go Back to El
Salvador"  I was on the phone trying to make plane reservations before he
could get the sugar into me.  Luckily I couldn't quite figure out how to
dial "1" for customer service . . .


> I know exactly what you mean.  I hate how I feel once I've recovered (like
> wet rag doll), and I'm terrified by the nightmares I get.  I have most of
> really bad lows when I'm asleep, and I always have horrifying nightmares
> with them.
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