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[IP] Re: Sex and the Pump

I don't know how much help I can be, but here goes nothing...
I tend to just keep the pump on the bed. Yeah, sometimes the tubing gets 
wrapped around my body wrong and tries to run away, but after a while 
(pumping for almost 4 years now) it became like a part of my body. I just 
know where it is and if it tries to escape I pull it back where it belongs, 
without thinking...I'm guessing this is a definite YMMV thing. After all, 
using sites that don't disconnect (rapids) makes one pretty creative and used 
to the extra appendage. As far as the hubby being afraid of hurting you or 
the site, I asked my guy about that one, since it made him pretty nervous 
when I first got the pump...His response in typical guy terms was "yeah, but 
once i got the idea that a chainsaw would be involved in "accidentally" 
pulling out the site, I've been fine" I think it's something that takes some 
time to get used to, but as always, YMMV...

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