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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #360

Wow, there are others just like me out there after all!!!!

I used to have nightmares about this big pool or bubble of unused insulin
somewhere in my body, that kept getting bigger and bigger until it just
exploded.  I just knew some day, something would happen, after all, common
sense told me that if I injected all that insulin and it sometimes didn't seem
to be working, then where did it go???? It had to be collecting somewhere,
didn't it????

Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 13:13:38 -0700
From: "Lisa Stevenson" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] "Invisible" Humalog and Breakfast Cereals

I have been on a MM insulin pump for 5 years now and have used humalog the
entire time.  In the beginning humalog was a real potent insulin.  It would
bring blood sugars down fast and my insulin/carbohydrate ratio was 15g/u.
Now, five years later, it is 8g/u and depending on how high my blood sugar
I can wait sometimes two hours (with frequent blood sugar checks in between)
until a correction is seen (ie- if my blood sugar is 280 and I correct it
a 3u bolus, it won't be until sometimes 2hrs later that I will be in the
80-120 range- and yes, when I fast my basal rates are correct).  But the most
puzzling thing of all is what happens to my humalog bolus for breakfast when
eat cereal.....it's as though the humalog is "invisible."  If I eat toast or
real chalk full fiber cereal then the humalog seems to do it's thing, but if
eat a bowl of cherrios or life cereal, etc I can bolus even a 5g/u for the
cereal, even wait 15-30minutes before I eat and my post prandial of my cereal
breakfast is 280-300.  Yuch!  And I love cereal.  I've tried square wave,
wave and still.....why?  And you would think that eventually that humalog
would kick in, but I never go low after eating cereal hours later..... anyone
else experience this?  Any tips?
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