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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #360

I've been on the pump for 2 yrs now and believe me I am nooooo nun, no where
Have you tried to give yourself a bolus equaling the approximate amt you would
use in a certain time period (say 2 hours, if you take 1.5 units per hour then
bolus 3 units, if it tales longer than you thought, then do an additional
bolus when you reconnect), and then disconnect (or take it by needle), before
intimacy, that may hold you over until your finished and ready to reconnect.
As far as your hubby not wanting to touch you anywhere near the area, he is
afraid, maybe if you had him help you do a complete infusion set change
allowing him to feel the area before and after the set is applied and had him
gently pull on the set after it is attached  (to see how strong the tape holds
and how secure the set really is) it may help ease his mind, it may not, but
maybe its worth a try!
We all need to remember that our families, especially our spouses, in a manner
of speaking are pumpers too, however, with them not having to experience first
hand the joys of being diabetic, the highs, lows, shakes, numbness, tremors,
etc... they can feel left out, they want to help and know more, but????  For
us, the diabetic, we don't understand just how they feel.

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From: "Melany Noltenius" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Sex and the Pump

Okay.  Sex and the Pump is a touchy issue.  Please email me offline if you
want - email @ redacted

Hubby and I have been married nearly 20 years.  I've been on the pump for
one month now.  Let me tell you, it gets in the way.  Other diabetics have
told me to toss the pump under the pillow, which is great if you aren't
actively invovled, but if you plan to move around, this simply doesn't work.
I've disconnected, but hubby won't touch me anywhere near the infusion site,
and is simply terrified of ripping it out accidently.  Not only that, but if
you disconnect for more than an hour you are running higher than a kite when
you finally do get connected.

Any suggestions for how to deal with the pump and sex issues?  This is
really getting annoying! I wanted to have better control, not be a NUN!

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