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RE: [IP] "Invisible" Humalog and Breakfast Cereals

I had similar problems regarding bolusing for breakfast and having the

I tried several different insulin/carb ratios and now find that I need a
1/21 for breakfast and 1/15 for lunch and 1/13 for dinner...

Also, I found that if I eat fruit with my breakfast that my b.g. stay more
even and don't spike as much.

It's sort of a play and see game.  I try eating the same foods for a week
and check b.g. and see which level works best.  Some foods need more insulin
and others less.

I have also learned that if I eat a high fiber breakfast it is much better
for me.  There are lots of cereals out there with high fiber in them.  The
Kashi crunch cereal tastes really good and I eat some strawberries,
blueberries or whatever is in season with it.  It is filling and keeps b.g.
on a better level and glycemic index for fiber foods is low.

Hope this helps
Kathy B.
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