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Re: [IP] ABC news

At 09:46 PM 5/29/02, you wrote:
>--- Annie Wall <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > Islet transplant story on abc tonight.  Lots of
> > related stories on their web
> > site,
> > > anyone see it tonight?  Was> transplant was
>thrilled to have
>I know that islet cell transplant holds great hope for
>us diabetics.  I have a question for those "in the
>know" on the list.....I was thinking that the
>anti-rejection drugs that you have to take after this
>transplant produce effects that are not so great.  Am
>I right in thinking this?  I would rather be hooked to
>my pump than to have a life of steroids, but I really
>do not know the facts and would appreciate more
>information.  Thanks and blessings  Cynthia

Cynthia, I'm not sure just what drugs they are using for the islet 
transplants, but if they are the same ones used for kidney transplants, 
they're not fun (and fairly expensive).  The 2 worst (for the diabetic 
kidney patient) are the anti-rejection medication and the 
Prednisone.  You'll have to be very careful being around adults/kids due to 
the many bugs they carry.  According to the ABC news feature,  it will be 
"several" years before the procedure is perfected.  Let's just hope the 
perfect it soon.

kidney TX 11/6/97
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