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Re:[IP]What a LOW feels like....

I really hate lows, even though highs are the disease and what we are
striving so hard to avoid; the lows are debilitating.  I lose my ability to
effectively communicate.  I have a hard time putting words together, to say
what usually comes so easy to me.  I get a far-away look in my eyes, and
struggle with communication.  When it's very low and I'm alone, I will
wander, trying to find a path that I know I should know, but I just can't
quite figure out what it is.  I'm looking for something familiar, but I
don't know that it's a glass of juice or a few rasberry glucose tablets. Or,
I'm at work and I can't figure out what this spreadsheet in front of me,
that I created, is supposed to be telling me.  I am sweating profusely and I
begin to shiver because now I'm cold.  I want Matt to help me because I know
he can but where is he?  Finally, I find him, or that glass of juice, or
those dry-tasting glucose tabs that just need to be sucked until their magic
works.  My blood sugar can quickly get back to where it belongs, all that's
left is my cold, wet pajamas, or a fierce headache, and that inevitable
sense of having lost control again.  I really hate those lows.
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