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Re: [IP] (I just have to change the name of this thread)

All these emails about licking the blood off your fingers, don't you use
cotton balls?  The latter can be put in a plastic bag in your pocket or
purse.  I have two yellow labs who lick my fingers all the time but I never
let them do it when my finger tips are still bleeding.  Yuk!!
> Pat
I spoke about this thread with a colleague of mine at work.  She was
surprised that people are "grossed out".  She thought it was a perfectly
natural response to finding a cut, a sudden prick, on your finger.  When you
think about it, imagine jabbing yourself with a thumb tack by mistake, OW!
and up goes your finger in your mouth.  I still think my little grandson's
response, after seeing me test and wating to test too (!), was the best:
"Can I kiss my finger too?"
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