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Re: [IP] 508 alarm (again)

In a message dated 5/29/2002 5:56:00 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Well, I got the
 alarm twice again, so I called MiniMed and was told to clean the battery
 carrier and the gold springs in the pump with alcohol.  They are also
 sending me new batteries and a replacement battery carrier.  I have
 gotten the alarm once a day since cleaning things with the alcohol pad.
 The supplies MM is sending should be here tomorrow, but I'm doubtful
 that the problem is due to bad batteries, as I have used batteries from
 different packages.  MiniMed said they will replace my pump if their
 batteries and new carrier don't fix the problem.  
 Has anyone else had this happen? >>

This happened with my 507 (after the warranty was expired), I had to pay for 
a loaner 507, which I received the next morning (at work). I then requested 
the upgrade to a new 508, which I received  2 weeks later. You will probably 
have to get a loaner, cleaning the battery connections might not do the trick.
Jan G.
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