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[IP] Sex and the Pump

Okay.  Sex and the Pump is a touchy issue.  Please email me offline if you
want - email @ redacted

Hubby and I have been married nearly 20 years.  I've been on the pump for
one month now.  Let me tell you, it gets in the way.  Other diabetics have
told me to toss the pump under the pillow, which is great if you aren't
actively invovled, but if you plan to move around, this simply doesn't work.
I've disconnected, but hubby won't touch me anywhere near the infusion site,
and is simply terrified of ripping it out accidently.  Not only that, but if
you disconnect for more than an hour you are running higher than a kite when
you finally do get connected.

Any suggestions for how to deal with the pump and sex issues?  This is
really getting annoying! I wanted to have better control, not be a NUN!

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