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[IP] Testing in Public

I had a fairly interesting case of this... Once at a local coffeehouse last
year, I whipped out my stuff and was doing a test. Some guys came by and it
was like: "Dude, what're ya doin' " (I'm female, but we'll leave that to
their own terminology of "DUDE"...)... I told them I have diabetes and
monitor my blood sugar (Most don't get "Glucose") levels. One of the guys
was listening fairly intently and asked what "di-beetis" feels like..I told
him. The others just made comments like: "Wow, Star Trek stuff"...

They were cool, he took my business card-I was playing music there- and
about two months later, I got a call from him. His kid sister was just told
she has it and the parents were"Freaking out". I offered to meet up with
them at the coffeehouse and we did. I was able to steer the parents to a
couple of sites, and CWD, she's 13, so they are looking at pump therapy for

His folks told me their son picked up on her symptoms a about a month after
having talked to me that other night, and said to take her to the doc. They
all left in a better frame of mind having seen me and the things I brought
for them.

I'll continue to check in public. It actually came to some good here.

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Jenny Sutherland
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