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RE:[IP] Humalog and pregnancy

Tausha Beardsley wrote:

"I'm wondering if anyone has gone through a pregnancy on Humalog insulin
and what the outcome was?"
Tausha, I started pumping March 7, 2001, with humalog and on March 11,
2002, had an 8 lb 4 oz baby girl.  :-)  Her APGAR scores were 8 and 9
and she's perfectly healthy.  I had excellent control  before and during
my pregnancy.  My A1C was 5% at conception, and the highest it got was
6.5%.  Aim for tight control at least 3 months prior to conceiving.  I
think Allison might not have been so big if I had eaten a little better.
I tended to crave Twix bars and ice cream...  I know, I'm awful... but
our daughter is just fine and such a little angel!  Take care of
yourself and PLAN, but don't be too terribly hard on yourself.  You have
to live.  Just remember the word I seem to have trouble with...
MODERATION!  (If only I had practiced that I might be back in my size 6
jeans by now!)  Feel free to e-mail me off list with any questions you
may have.
Best of luck... Heather

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