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[IP] re: testing in public - Laura

> Is there a support group in your area?

I'm in the Seattle area (about 10 miles north of Seattle, actually), and
I think there is a support group.  I saw a post about a dinner meeting
that  took place last night, but I had other plans (and plus, where they
were meeting it would have been a 2-3 hour rush-hour drive for me!)  But
maybe some other time it'll work out!

> (It was nice to see 20 different
> pumps and how/where they were attached before I went on the pump. The
> one in
> my area even has dinner on occasion.)

I think that would be neat too!  Actually, since I got my pump, I've
been paying attention to people on the street, etc., trying to spot
someone wearing an insulin pump.  Like if I see someone with what looks
like a largish pager, I'll look twice to see if maybe it's really a
pump.  So far I haven't spotted any, though.  I know it's silly, but

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