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Re: [IP] Bad Low Experiences, and Question

I've often wondered about the low BG and brain damage, too.  But I do know
that it cannot cause low oxygen to your brain.  What it does is restrict the
amount of energy supply(glucose) to your brain tissue.  As I indicated in an
earlier email, the nervous system can only use glucose, that is, it cannot
use fat(with one exception) or protein as an energy source.  So in typical
hypoglycemic episodes, some cells may die.  I believe the ones that die are
in the cerebral cortex rather than lower parts of the brain.  Thus, we get
disoriented and confused since.  By the way, the liver has a glucose-sparing
function.  This means it holds some glucose in reserve for the actions of
the brain when hypoglycemia occurs.  Also, it can break down Ketone bodies
for energy provisions under dire circumstances.  The latter works through
glucagon, another  hormone from the islet cells of the pancreas.  Glucagon
only works with very low BG and only works at the liver.
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