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Re: [IP] Animas R1000 and Mean Posts

I switched from the Minimed 507c to the Animas R1000 and have never looked 
back.  I like that you have 4 basal profiles to use (especially good for me 
since I work night shift and can set a night shift profile as well as one for 
weekends/vacations where I use more of a day shift schedule), I also like 
that you don't need to put it in the waterproof box-as long as you change the 
o-ring when you change batteries it will maintain it's waterproofness. But 
the most important thing for me was the ability to finetune the basal rates 
by 0.05 u/hr and able to get that in between level that I seem to need at 
several points during the day!  It also will give you an alarm at either 40 
or 20 units left-your choice.  I also like the audio bolus button is 
different than the others and you really don't even have to look at the meter 
to find it.

Hope it helped!

aka Mouse
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