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[IP] "Invisible" Humalog and Breakfast Cereals

I have been on a MM insulin pump for 5 years now and have used humalog the
entire time.  In the beginning humalog was a real potent insulin.  It would
bring blood sugars down fast and my insulin/carbohydrate ratio was 15g/u.
Now, five years later, it is 8g/u and depending on how high my blood sugar is,
I can wait sometimes two hours (with frequent blood sugar checks in between)
until a correction is seen (ie- if my blood sugar is 280 and I correct it with
a 3u bolus, it won't be until sometimes 2hrs later that I will be in the
80-120 range- and yes, when I fast my basal rates are correct).  But the most
puzzling thing of all is what happens to my humalog bolus for breakfast when I
eat cereal.....it's as though the humalog is "invisible."  If I eat toast or a
real chalk full fiber cereal then the humalog seems to do it's thing, but if I
eat a bowl of cherrios or life cereal, etc I can bolus even a 5g/u for the
cereal, even wait 15-30minutes before I eat and my post prandial of my cereal
breakfast is 280-300.  Yuch!  And I love cereal.  I've tried square wave, dual
wave and still.....why?  And you would think that eventually that humalog
would kick in, but I never go low after eating cereal hours later..... anyone
else experience this?  Any tips?
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