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[IP] Skipping meals and pumping

One of the benefits that finally sold me on pumping was that I could vary my schedule more, but I still find myself sticking to a certain schedule. I always eat breakfast and lunch around the same time, usually pretty much the same foods. (yeah, I'm boring). I guess that way I feel more like I will know where a high or low came from. I've been diabetic for over sixteen years now, since right before my ninth birthday, and maybe I've just gotten used to staying on schedule.
During my wacky hormone stage after my son was born last year I was visited by the friendly local EMT's several times.  One of my lows that seemed to come from no where had the EMT scolding me for not having a good dinner. Maybe that stuck in my head too... I usually stick to my lunch schedule because I get so embarrassed when I go loopy at work. I don't like it when someone else has to take care of me. It makes me feel like they think I am incompetant. I'm sure the slurred speech made me look drunk one day.
Anyway, as much as I looked forward to the "freedom" of not eating on schedule, I still do it now. I think the main benefits of the pump are my much improved A1C's and a healthy baby!

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green KY
Whose little boy Sean turned one year old on May 8
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