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[IP] skipping meals

I think an across the board statement of "on the pump you can skip meals" is a
tad broad. That is the ideal. Any statement concerning a metabolic function
cannot be all inclusive for every patient. Our bodies just do not work that
way. The "YMMV" is probably the wisest comment made on this site.
Sara can miss a meal by 2-3 hours, but her BG will be messed up which
translates into hassles getting things all nice and tight again.  She was able
to miss meals before she became a teen ( and was on pump therapy at that time
) and had to deal with the added variables of hormonal changes that happen
daily...yes parents of young ones...every day is a new day when you have a
teen diabetic. ( Hey, that sounds like a great line for a song with a snappy
rumba beat. )  I would also imagine that the more years you have been diabetic
the less likely your system is able to deal with alterations in schedules etc.
Even those who are blessed with few if any complications of Diabetes after
decades have still had their body's systems stressed daily by this illness.
We have found that for tight, tight control that Sara desires during this
period of her life, she requires approximately 10 BG checks per day and a
strict dietary regime.
Some day she will be able to go back to the more laid back ways she used to
enjoy when all the other factors in her life were  more stable. But for now,
no skipping meals. Oh, and yes, Sara is under outstanding control in terms of
basal rates.
So Pat I don't think you are crazy or ineffectual in your self care, just
different from some of the others. I am glad to know that someone out there is
like Sara. It was also nice to hear of a mature woman diabetic who feels
confident enough about her diabetes to take off on that trip alone without a
second thought. Folks like you give the parents of diabetic children reason to
not be as fearful of the future for our children.
Pam, mom to Sara
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