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[IP] re: travel with supplies

At 12:39 AM 5/29/02, you wrote:
>I didn't think it was referring to the prescription labels because it
>said that "prescriptions and doctor's letters" would NOT be accepted
>because of concerns over forgeries.  But I could have misunderstood.
>Anyway, from what I've heard, it doesn't sound like, in practice, most
>people are getting hassled too badly over their supplies -- but I'm sure
>it depends on which screener you get!

Hi Laura,

I thought that prescriptions and doctor's letters referred to written out 
prescriptions such as your doctor gives you to take the the pharmacy.  I 
think I read somewhere (this was in the early days right after Sept. 11) 
that you had to have the preprinted label from the pharmacy on your 
medications, which I think, is harder to forge than is a written up 
prescription on a doctor's pad.  This has always been advised for most all 
prescription medications when travelling overseas, I guess to insure that 
the medicine was prescribed for you and not gotten illegally... Anyhow, 
they keep changing security measures as they try to get more secure at 
airports, so I guess the best bet is to check with the airport and airline 
as to their requirements before you leave.  And, I agree, each screener may 
have their own agenda for deciding on how to handle things.

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