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[IP] Re: testing in public

> People see my pump and all my little gadgets and
> I explain that I can eat normal foods with my pump, and I explain how I count
> what I eat and then calculate the right dose, etc... and they think it's so
> easy.  It drives me nuts.  Even family, except my parents, and friends, except
> my best friend... they are the same.  Only you guys understand.  Well, sorry
> for the rant.  I'm just having a difficult day.

I agree.  It's hard (maybe impossible) for a non-diabetic to
understand.  I don't think any of my family or friends really do (not
their fault -- that's just how it is).  I was 21 when I was diagnosed,
so my parents were never really responsible for my care.  They're only
vaguely aware of what a HbA1c test is, and a few months ago I had to
explain to my dad that a bg of 86 was NOT hypoglycemic!  (he'd
remembered that a bg of 100 was "normal", so he thought anything below
that was "too low").  I actually think an 86 is just about perfect!
When I read some of the posts here from parents of diabetic children and
all you have to go through, I guess it's a blessing to my parents that
they never had to face all that (I know they worry about me, but they've
never had to get up at 3am to test my sugar or anything like that).  So
I guess I'm glad they don't HAVE to know what all these tests are!

Awhile back, a non-D online friend was asking me about taking shots
(this was before my pump) and commenting on how hard that must be.  But
when I convinced her that the shots really weren't that bad, I think she
concluded  that *diabetes* therefore wasn't really that bad!  (she made
some comment like, "I guess it's like wearing contacts....hard at first
but you get used to it").  I know she wasn't trying to be insensitive --
she's a very nice and caring person -- but it is hard for people to
understand.  I didn't say anything to her about the "contacts" remark
BTW.  Maybe I should have, but I didn't want to sound like I was looking
for sympathy or anything.....

As for testing in public or in front of people.....I almost never do.
Whenever I've tried it, I always just feel SO self-conscious.  I guess
part of it is that I've always been a "private" person, and I hate
drawing attention to myself.  But I honestly envy those of you who have
no qualms about pulling out your meter in front of whomever.  I wish I
could do that -- it would make life a lot easier, for one  thing!

You know, I don't think I've ever really known any other
insulin-dependent diabetics (other than people I talk to online, of
course).  Every once in awhile, it would be nice to have lunch with
someone where we BOTH have to test our sugar and take insulin before we
can eat!

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