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Re: [IP] sof-serter and disetronic infusion sets

SOOOOOOO  glad to know that I'm not the only "slowpoke".  :-)

Last fall, I had a nurse give me my flu shot by going in slowly -- and YES,
it DOESN'T hurt as much!!!!! She said she always does it that way -- and
everyone agrees it's less painful -- so why do the VAST majority of nurses
do it fast? And the vast majority of DMers, too, apparently?

Natalie ._c-

----- Original Message -----
From: "Billie Sue Parker" <email @ redacted>
> I do this too with the exception of stretching the skin.  I usually pinch
> the skin as I always did with injections.  :-)
> Pat Flynn wrote:
> > You don't have to plunge the needle fast into your skin.  That is bound
> > hurt.  What I do with my soft set is poke lightly around parts of my
> > first.  If any part hurts, I'll retract the inserter needle and check
> > another part.  This may take 2 or 3 spots before I fund one that doesn't
> > seem to hurt.  Then I push the needle in fairly slowly until I can feel
> > dermis area(middle part of the skin) "give" and the inserter needle is
> > place.
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