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[IP] Bad Low Experiences, and Question

I feel I should relate my bad lows too.  Before I went on the pump, and 
after I decided to start actually trying to control my sugars, I was on 
MDI.  I had several bad lows.  One time, while driving to work, I found 
myself in Baltimore (I had started south of DC in Virginia), in a bad 
neighborhood.  I had my cell, and called my mother and my fiance.  They got 
me to eat some candy I had with me.   Luckily, I didn't get hurt, didn't 
hurt anyone else, and didn't get mugged.
The worst low I ever had was again while driving in Maryland.  I was 
driving from Columbia to Greenbelt.  I never got there.  I hit a tree at 30 
miles an hour.  Ended up breaking my right radius (it was pulverized, I had 
to get a plate put in),  seven ribs, and ruining my knees (I have "early 
degenerative change" in both).  Ever since then, I NEVER drive, even a 
mile, without checking first.  I have had to fight with my insurance 
company from time to time to get enough strips (I drive a total of about 
100 miles a day), but I still do it.
The pump has made my life so much easier, and I am much better at 
controlling lows.
Question for everyone.  When you get so low you pass out, are you doing 
damage to your brain?  Are there any reports on what kind of damage this 
usually is?  My memory has always been bad, but is worse than it used to 
be.  I am wondering if this is because of my past lows.
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