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Re: [IP] sof-serter and disetronic infusion sets


  My son Josh is also on the H-Tron.  But we are using the Quick Sets.  We 
use to use the Sof-SEts.  No, the MM insertion devices will not work with the 
Dis sets because of the actual design difference in the insertion needle 
heads.  The MM head is very bulbuous which gives the serter something to 
'grab' a hold of.  The Dis set head has nothing that would fit into the 
holder part of the inserter in order to use it.  Sorry.  This is one of the 
main reasons why we went with the MM sets.  That and the fact that when Josh 
started the only straight in set Dis had was the Rapid where it is the needle 
that stays in and does not disconnect.  Plus Dis refuses to acknowledge, 
according to our rep, that some people really do require a canula length 
smaller than 8mm.  MM has the 6mm which works great for Josh at this time.  
Perhaps as he grows and puts on some weight he may want to go with the 
Ulraflex.  I do like the connect/disconnect feature of that set better than 
the ring feature of the MM.

mom to Joshua
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