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RE: [IP] What a LOW feels like....

My first indication is that I get really busy.  Whatever I'm doing, I have
lots of energy and don't want to stop.  I keep telling myself, I'll get
something to eat as soon as I finish ........ whatever.  Another indication
to me is I get really sensitive to sounds, the TV or the radio becomes
really loud, and people talking seem to be people yelling.  I feel like I'm
in this really noisy, fast-moving video game and I can't stop it!  This
makes me very irritable because I want everything to go away and leave me
alone.  If I'm in a meeting, I get gradually more aggressive and
argumentative (most of my co-workers have come to recognize the signs).  

If I'm dreaming, I dream about food.  If that doesn't wake me up, then I
start solving the world's problems in my dreams.  Everything seems so
logical and clear, how could I have missed that solution?  Of course, this
IS the brain without any source of energy.

Bottom-line, it's like those commercials where you see the traffic from
above at high speed.  That's what your body is doing, running in high gear
(the adrenaline) and going absolutely nowhere!

BUT, I usually don't argue with people that ask if my sugar is off (low or
hi), because I know that being diabetic is like being bi-polar.  If your
blood sugar is too high or too low, you have a different personality than if
it is right in the middle.  And then I can just smile at them (after
testing) and say no, it must have been *you* that made me crazy!

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