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Re: [IP] testing in public

> I find that I get so tired of answering the same
> questions, maybe because I'm having such a hard time
> controlling my diabetes these days. That's one of the
> reasons I've cut back on testing in public. > 

This is one reason why I have such a problem testing in public.  I'm so tired 
of the same old questions, and people not understanding that it's "not that 
simple".  No matter what answers you give them, they don't understanbd what 
it's like and don't understand why it's difficult to keep in good control.  I 
am struggling right now to get my A1c below 8.  It seems I have hit a plateau 
for the last couple of years.  People see my pump and all my little gadgets and 
I explain that I can eat normal foods with my pump, and I explain how I count 
what I eat and then calculate the right dose, etc... and they think it's so 
easy.  It drives me nuts.  Even family, except my parents, and friends, except 
my best friend... they are the same.  Only you guys understand.  Well, sorry 
for the rant.  I'm just having a difficult day.
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