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Re: [IP] Re: Humalog and prescriptions

>I don't know about others, but my doctor's office will authorize refills
>for a year on my prescriptions for insulin and strips.  So that would
>make it a little easier for someone who didn't have insurance and had
>trouble paying for doctor's visits.

I have never had a doc that was willing to give me more than five refills 
and it REALLY p*sses me off because it's just a power play - a way of making 
it absolutely necessary that I come back at a certain time.  (I believe that 
all of my docs understood that I thought they were just full of it, as I've 
never been able to find myself a good one and, thus, felt like they needed 
some leverage to get me to come back.)  If insulin and other supplies need 
to be perscription, we should get a lifetime perscription.  If we got cured 
they could always revoke it.


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