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Re: [IP] What a LOW feels like....

I had a really bad low once that turned into a very embarrassing moment for
me.  I was working in an office environment where we had to take turns going to
lunch.  Everyone in the office went to lunch together leaving me alone.  I
began to feel shaky, but couldn't leave the area.  Someone from our maintenance
department walked by so I asked them to get me something from the break room.
They did but it got really busy and I couldn't eat it.  My condition was
worsening.  I had another employee from another area come to me for help, but I
could think or talk coherently.  She thankfully called my manager and he was
right over to help.  I took him into a side office and was telling him that my
sugar was low and that I felt like I was going crazy.  I then grabbed him by
both of his upper arms and began to shake him like some kind of mad woman.  He
told me he would take over so that I could eat my snack.  After everyone else
came back, I went to lunch and got my senses together.  I was so embarrassed to
come back to work, but I did.  He spoke to everyone and made a new rule that no
one could be left by themselves to handle things alone in the future.

Just wanted to share an experience.  :-)

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