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Re: [IP] re: travel with supplies

Now, I lived in Mexico for a year, and found that I could get my synthroid,
antibiotics, and a number of drugs without an MDs perscription.  These drugs
are cheap, cheap, cheap - and cost less than my insurance co-pay.  I haven't
tried asking for Novolog yet (but will this Dec. when we will return to
Mexico for a vacation).

Does anyone living in Mexico know whether or not you need a script for
Novolog?  Can you get Novolog?


> At 07:11 PM 5/28/02, you wrote:
> >That's a good point.  However, I'd think one would run into the same
> >problem relying on the "pre-printed label" on a vial of insulin that was
> >purchased in a non-English speaking country (I assume the label would be
> >printed in the language of the country of purchase).  Unfortunately,
> >whenever any kind of "documentation" is required, I guess language
> >barriers will probably present a problem...
> >
> >Laura
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