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[IP] 508 alarm (again)

I originally wrote...
I have been using my 508 since March of last year with no problems
what-so-ever, until the last few days.  I got the "off/no power" alarm
which tells me the battery is depleted.  I had replaced my batteries
only a few weeks before, but changed them again anyway.  Well, I got the
alarm twice again, so I called MiniMed and was told to clean the battery
carrier and the gold springs in the pump with alcohol.  They are also
sending me new batteries and a replacement battery carrier.  I have
gotten the alarm once a day since cleaning things with the alcohol pad.
The supplies MM is sending should be here tomorrow, but I'm doubtful
that the problem is due to bad batteries, as I have used batteries from
different packages.  MiniMed said they will replace my pump if their
batteries and new carrier don't fix the problem.  

Has anyone else had this happen?  And if the problem isn't fixed with
the new batteries and carrier, what should I be aware of in getting a
replacement pump?  I recall reading about people getting pumps that were
not new....

Am I the only one who has had this problem?  I don't mean to tick anyone
off, but I am a bit discouraged.  I don't read the posts as often
anymore because every time I write with a question it seems that I get
very few replies.  However, it appears that there are numerous replies
and follow-ups to posts that often have nothing to even do with diabetes
issues.  When I first found this site, I was so thankful to have access
to other diabetics dealing with the same issues as myself, but I have
been disappointed with the lack of input to the concerns that I have.

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