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[IP] re: travel with supplies

"Laura F." wrote:

> I didn't think it was referring to the prescription labels because it
> said that "prescriptions and doctor's letters" would NOT be accepted
> because of concerns over forgeries.  But I could have misunderstood.
> Anyway, from what I've heard, it doesn't sound like, in practice, most
> people are getting hassled too badly over their supplies -- but I'm sure
> it depends on which screener you get!
> Laura

Hi all,

I have been following this thread for a while and wanted to chime in with an
experience I had a couple of weeks ago in the Milwaukee WI airport.

First of all I travel with a computer and LCD projector as well as my necessary
diabetic supplies.  I have had no problems with security other than the fact that
I am often one of the ones being "checked out" because of all the computer
equipment I need for my presentations.

I have learned to pack my supplies: 2 insulin syringes, insulin and supplies for
two site changes in a small zip lock bag and my BG meter, so that they can be
quickly separated out at the security area and send them through separately in a
tub on the belt.  No big deal really since I have to separate out the laptop
anyway.  I also include in the tub any items which have caused problems in the
past - such as my hair brush!?! which apparently has a metal reinforcement rod in
its handle. <g>   I tell the person doing the screening that I am an insulin
dependent diabetic, that the items in the tub are my medical supplies and things
that have raised the interest of other screeners in the past and explain my
errant hair brush.  Most get a chuckle after hearing that my purse went through
five times at another airport before they let it pass.   As I walk through the
arch way I place my hand on my pump and repeat for the next checker that I am an
insulin dependent diabetic and am wearing an insulin pump.  Only once - in the
Los Angeles, CA airport the day some fool decided to pack a fake grenade in his
carry on luggage, has the archway or wand ever caught the pump.  I feel by being
upfront and open I avoid an awful lot of hassles.  'Mmm...screening didn't catch
that "pager"...wonder what else she might be hiding...yep syringes...and that bar
in her purse,  gotta detain her'...that sort of thing.

The thing about the Milwaukee screening that surprised me was the request for a
doctor's note and prescription.   I had them with me so there was no problem, but
I was really quite shocked to have been asked for them after all the talk of how
worthless they were since they could be easily forged.  I told them that that was
the first time anyone had asked me for the doctors note.  They prided themselves
on "tight" security they said and told me of a lady they caught with five knives
in her purse.  I had been thinking of not carrying the papers anymore as the
doctor's letter was beginning to get quite worn.   I suppose I could have had
them call the doctors office or the pharmacy to confirm their legitimacy if I had
too but I was glad to have had the requested documents  with me.  Oh  BTW, yes
Laura, it does depend on which screener you get.  I had already passed through
this security gate once before.  When I discovered that my flight was delayed I
decided to go back to get something to eat before boarding.  This happened on the
second pass through "tight" security.  Go figure.

- Ann

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Herndon,  VA        http://www.KnitsByAnn.com
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