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[IP] re: Taste when low or high

> I get a "pins and needles" feeling in my lips and the tip of my tounge
> when
> my bg is particularly low, but it usually has to be lower than 50 for
> this
> to happen.

That's one of my main "low" symptoms also!

Another kind of "odd" symptom I (sometimes) get when I'm low is that
I'll see sort of a doughnut-shaped ring of light.  It's most prominent
when I close my eyes, but I'm usually able to see it even with my eyes
open.  It doesn't ALWAYS happen -- but if it does, it's an almost
infallible sign that I'm low, and probably very low (I think I've
usually been in the 30's the times that I've noticed it).

I haven't noticed any differences in taste when I'm low (or high).
Needless to say, though, it's usually kind of hard to actually *enjoy*
the food you use to treat a low!

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