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[IP] Re: Hot weather lows

<<Fruit leather works for me -- it gets sticky in summer, but is
individually wrapped so it isn't sticking to anything, really.  About
12-14g CHO per "leather", a few take up almost no space.  These have
been my preferred treatment for a low (when anywhere but home) for

Hi Karen,
   I was interested to read that you use fruit leather for lows.  A couple of 
years ago, these are what I sent to school with Claire for her lows.  I had 
them stashed everywhere, in her gym shoe bag, in her school bag, in her desk, 
in our car etc.  But I always wondered if they were "fast" enough, and no 
dietician could answer that for me.  Obviously if you use these, you must 
find that they work quickly enough.   So perhaps I will go back to using 
these.  They are made in the town we are now living in and thus are given 
away free everywhere.  
   Also, regarding taste when low--Claire normally loves the dextrose based 
candies that I started buying to treat her lows  after she began pumping .  
In Canada these are called Rockets and are a popular Hallowe'en treat.  At 7 
carbs per roll, they are the perfect size--one or two rolls depending on how 
bad she feels.   But when she is low, she hates them!!  She may eat them if 
nothing else is available to treat the low, but would prefer almost anything 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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