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[IP] re: Hot weather lows

> My daughter is tired of glucose tabs and juice boxes, so I purchased a
> small salt & pepper shaker by Rubbermaid and keep it filled with soft
> candies such as Mike & Ikes, Skittles, orange slices, and gum drops and it's
> small enough to have in your purse, car, or whatever. J.K.

I carry Jelly Bellies in an old glucose tab container (I like the Jelly
Bellies because they're 1g of carb apiece).  I'll have to look for those
Rubbermaid shakers though -- they might work better.

And....I probably also have to buy a new bag of Jelly Bellies, as I
think my current supply is starting to get stale (because I don't need
them as often anymore)!!  I love the pump!!  A bag of Jelly Bellies
NEVER went stale when I was on shots!


(of course, now that I've said that, I'll probably start having
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