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[IP] extreme lows

In response to posts about severe lows, I'll relate my experience.  Prior to
being on the pump, I experienced a severe low while alone in a hotel room in a
strange city.  Every diabetic's nightmare, right?  I became very confused and
could not figure out what to do.  I knew I was low and in trouble, and was
eating candy and orange juice, but the food was not bringing me up.  Over a
period of about 2 hours I tried to think about options but could not generate
any reasonable plan.  I finally called the hotel desk and said I needed a
physician.  Not a well thought out plan either, but he told me to call 911.
That was a simple, clear instruction, and I was able to follow it.  The EMTs
measured my BG at 23, even after all that I had eaten.  This was the last
straw, and I got the pump as a result.

Anyway, a Diabetes Educator friend gave me some good advice after this.  Since
I was able to follow instructions, but couldn't cognitively think of
solutions, she said to write an instruction sheet to myself about what to do
if seriously low:  for example eat, then take glucagon, then call 911.  I
carry this to-do card with me, although I don't believe that I will ever get
that uncontrollably low again with the pump.

Barbara Ziegler
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