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Re: [IP] Taste When Low or High

My sense of taste to the sugar used to raise it's level is essentially gone
during low BG.  But it's a good thing because as I add more sugar, the taste
bud's get revived as their nerve tissue gets it's sugar.  As soon as this
occurs, I stop feeding myself sugar.

By the way, the nervous system can only use glucose as it's energy source,
so it makes sense that when our BG is very low, the more essential parts of
our nervous system get what is needed first then the other parts get theirs.
Thus, our brain especially our medulla oblongata and other brain stem areas
get whatever glucose is around and the other parts like our finger
tips(which tingle) and our taste bud on our tongue lose their sense of
taste.  Interesting, isn't it.  I know this because I am a physiologist and
a long term diabetic.  Pat Flynn
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