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[IP] Vioxx

> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] Vioxx
> Anyone taking Vioxx?  (an anti-inflammatory)  Did it seem to have any
> on your blood sugars?

> And I wondered if others have had doctors not prescribe it because of
> interaction with ACE inhibitors. (I have not yet talked to my endo or
> cardiologist about it, am just taking them 12 hours apart and hoping this
> all short-term.  The orthopod who prescribed it was not concerned, but he
> didn't actually seem particularly knowledgeable about lots of things.)

I just started taking Vioxx today for an inflammatory condition...not sure
what yet, but my hands and feet are painful and the joints swollen.  I took
it once before for two days only, after I fractured my tibia and fibula and
the orthopedist said it was to control the post op swelling after inserting
a titanium rod and nails.  I had no side effects from it then, nor did it
affect my blood sugars.  However because of the possible damage to my
kidneys, I was not allowed to use it again after that. I am on an Ace
inhibitor, Zestril.

This time my internist feels that the swelling in my hands and feet is
making my neuropathy worse by compressing the nerves, so he gave me the
lowest dose of Vioxx 12.5 mg once a day for one week only.   He told me that
the way Vioxx can damage the kidneys is by reducing the blood flow to the
kidneys, so I am to notify him of a sudden weight gain (this would be caused
by water retention) and immediately stop the Vioxx should this happen.  Also
I am to take my blood pressure a couple of times a day and notify him if my
blood pressure goes up to 140/90.  My BP is usually very low.
My internist is reacting to my own concerns re Vioxx so I am grateful that
he gave me these guidelines.

Good luck with the Vioxx, Linda.  Hope this helps.
Denise Guerin
Type 1  47 1/2 years
Animas R1000
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