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[IP] Paradigm malfunction

In a message dated 5/28/02 4:13:49 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I just wanted to ask you about the Paradigm. Our daughter has been on the
> Paradigm also since March 29 and this morning it froze up on us also.  We
> had E21 show up on the screen.
> Is that what happened to you and Gabe ?
> Did you ever find out what it meant?  MM
> just walked us thru it.  We changed the battery and the reservoir happened
> to be low 

We got a "low battery alarm".  We had the battery out less than 20 seconds 
and changed it.  The pump told us to rewind; we rewound and replaced the 
resevoir and did a prime, but it primed out a huge amount of insulin and 
resevoir was emptied.

We filled a new resevoir and rewound the pump.  It gave a message "motor 
error" and then would not restart; couldn't activate the pump, nor could 
MiniMed Clinical Services help us get it started by phone.  They sent a new 
pump in 24 hours.

I will forward to the list the preliminary response to my inquiry on why it 
happened.  However, the response was very vague and I asked them to examine 
Gabe's pump itself and get back to me on WHY?  I haven't heard just yet.

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