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[IP] Humalog and prescriptions.

  I had the problem of being without my humalog and needing to get it. I
had no idea it was a prescription. My insurance covers it. I spent a
whole day trying to get it. As my Dr was in Calif and I was in Oregon. I
know they call it an insulin analog. BUT---- Diabetics use it and it
should be available to them without prescription. Plus when they made it
a prescription it went from 20.00 to 50.00 a bottle. No wonder insurance
companies are complaing. I believe its wrong to make anything diabetics
use a prescription. I have insurance but many people dont. Its getting
harder for diabetics to get insurance coverage. And if they have to pay
for the Dr visits to get prescriptions every 3 month and you dont have
insurance that can get awful costly. Im blessed with insurance. But i
know many dont have it. 
Susan & Gadget 
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