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Re: [IP] BILL's final post... (he's my dad)

I think many of us have considered quitting after reading the responses to 
some of the posts.  There seems to be a real problem realizing that everyone 
has the right to their own opinion and because their opinion does not agree 
with your opinion is no reason to attack the person or their thought. We all 
also need to understand that everytime someone responds back it is not 
necessarily a negative, but often a challenge to us to think about something 
in a different manner. When I found this site, I was so excited about it that 
I told my endo, CDE, and others. They were excited about what I told them and 
they joined. I have been pumping less than a year. As of this date all of 
them have removed themselves from the list and each one gave the same reason; 
there is so much infighting over opinions and attacking of each other instead 
of the support they expected to see. I once again say we need to not chop 
each other off at the knees because as diabetics if we can't support each 
other, who can we expect to support us? IMHO
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