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[IP] 508 No Power and a dead 508

I am so grateful to this list because I also had an incident with my 508 
saying it had no power.   I went ahead and did a battery change, but for some 
reason my pump fried itself.   It continued to give my basal rate, but I 
could not get it to do anything else.   Everyone at Minimed was great.  I was 
extremely unhappy because with the pregnancy I didn't want to have to go back 
on shots especially using N.   Minimed was so wonderful that they arranged to 
have a loaner pump to my house by midnight.   Of course there was an airline 
screw up so it didn't actually get here until 8 the next morning, but that 
meant I didn't need to use any N which made me very happy.   Now I am just 
waiting for my pump to be repaired and sent back to me.......  Anyone know 
about how long repairs take?

BTW--- a little pregnancy update:    I am now 37 weeks and doing great as is 
the baby.   The periantologist has recently taken me off my modified bed rest 
and I still have no signs of protein or other problems.   Thanks again to all 
who shared their experiences!

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