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[IP] BILL's final post... (he's my dad)

One final thought on Bill's (okneedles) last post.  Bill (the long termer)
is my Dad.  He also lives down the street from me so I know him quite well.

The one thing my Dad has always stressed to us is that by keeping her good
control we are obviously reducing our chances of complications from this
disease.  My dad is a very happy and positive guy who is quite proud of the
fact that he has no complications (and yes, j.hughey he is a Type 1).  He
has drilled into my daughter that she needs to have "tight" control of her
diabetes and as such she knows no other way of life now.

As far as him quitting the list I knew he was going to do it sometime before
he actually did.  I tried to talk him out of it as he is often quite wise
with his thoughts and input.   I think there was more to it than he stated.
Quite honestly, it was bothering him to see the negativeness and nastiness
coming out in some of the posts to the list - I know he found it unpleasant
to read at times.  He is a joking happy person, not a confrontational at all
and typically avoids uncomfortable situations whenever possible.  He joined
this list to learn from it and I am sure also for some fellow diabetic
companionship.  I do not mean to offend anyone on this but I hope we all can
take something from this and try to always be kind when responding to posts
from others even when we disagree.  Recently some people on this list have
been a bit harsh in their posts and even though this doesn't bother me I
know my dad found it troublesome to even read.   I am sure there are others
out there that may just quietly sign off and we never know why.  I was the
one who encouraged him to state his reasons why.

One final thought, other than Lyndy, I doubt anyone even knew he was my Dad.
I care about my Dad and quite honestly I was almost afraid to read some of
the posts after these for fear that ugliness would have been written about
him.  Thankfully, there wasn't much.  I always find it interesting that ya
just never know who is related to who...

Sherri Lynn
(mom to Laura, 12 year old pumper)
Bartlesville, OK
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