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Re: [IP] Skpping Meals (was humalog)

At 01:54 PM 5/28/02, you wrote:
>The above scenerio was a very scary one. But Pat was out of her normal 
>routine (a time when we all need to be EXTRA viligent) and 
>stressed.  Stress can play havoc with Bg's (sometimes up sometimes down). 
>So I think the original poster still has a valid point - if our basals are 
>set correctly we may occasionally skip or delay a meal. If I am sitting 
>here at my desk writing grants and end up skipping lunch then it really 
>shouldn't matter a great deal. Now if it is on the weekend and I've been 
>running up and down the stairs doing laundry, and cleaning house etc - 
>then I may very well need to be sure that I eat.
>Now I believe that it is better in the long run and far healthier if I eat 
>my regular meals, get all my veggies and fruit especially - but my pump 
>gives me freedome that MDI didn't.  As always - it is a very individual 
>thing. So Pat's warning is valid - but not law.
>Linda & Dax

This is true, I also run lower when I am more active on the weekends.  So, 
rather than "feed the insulin"  I drop my basal using a temporary basal for 
that time period.  This has taken practice to work out.  When I exercise, I 
don't particularly do it at the same time each day, especially on vacation, 
etc., and I also have to temporarily drop my basal then.  Sure, I can 
continue to feed the insulin, but I gain weight doing so.  By dropping my 
basal on a temporary basis, I can avoid weight gains when I become active 
(I admit it, I'm such a slug normally).  I think this is also part of the 
thought process behind more than one basal profile available on some pumps.

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