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Re: [IP] What a LOW feels like....

For me, a low feels like an adrenaline rush (like after you came 2 inches 
from being squashed by a semi-truck while driving down the freeway) that 
lasts for 15 minutes. I also feel like I haven't slept for 2 days and have 
had too much cafiene(shaky, tired, confused). And I always get a splitting 
headache after a low. Waking up with a low in the middle of the night is 
extremely confusing for me. I once spent about 10 minutes after waking up 
with a night time low trying to figure out which server(computer) the low 
was on so that I could properly treat it. =) I get very confused with night 
time lows, but with normal lows, I do not have the emotional reacations that 
others have described (hostility, denial, confusion, etc). YMMV. Hope this 

Type 1 7 years, Pumping for 8 days now!

<snip>    So once again, I turn to the "experts" for ways of describing LOWS 
>non-diabetics>Renee (pump mom to Melissa)
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