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[IP] Re: How a BG feels

As a university student, I find the best way to explain to my friends how
having a high or low blood sugar feels is relating it to alcohol:
A low BG is like being drunk, not a little drunk but like when you've had
a dozen beers in an hour and it hits you all at once.
A high BG is like the hangover you get the next day.
Of course, alcohol affects everyone differently and so do the effects of
high or low blood sugar.  This is why you may know 2 diabetics who react
very differently when having a high or low BG.  I find this is the best
way to describe BG numbers to non-diabetics (only if they drink of
course) becaues unless they develop diabetes themselves they will never
truly be able to understand what it feels like.

Sara Molyneaux


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