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[IP] Pump Auto-off (was Forgetting to bolus at meals)

I know that's what they *say* the feature is for, but I have found it VERY
useful in the manner Rabbi Meisels relayed.  My experience is that I eat
every 5 hours (approximately) and so I have my auto-off alarm set on either
4 or 5 hours all the time.  I can tell you, unless you are passed out, this
alarm will scream and scream and scream!  In my 4 years pumping I only
missed it one time.  I happened to be laying on it (while sleeping) and
didn't hear the first beep(s).  When I rolled over, it sounded like a fire
truck had driven into my bedroom! (ha-ha).

I also find the alarm useful when I need to test every hour, two hours, or
middle of the night.

MY only problem is I get so used to shutting of the alarm in the middle of
sleep, that I just shut it off and roll over when I'm really tired. <grin>
Just means I missed my 3am testing (oh, well).  But during the day it is a
great reminder that I haven't bolused or tested in that many hours.
Sometime work gets hectic and I forget the whole diabetes thing <yeah,

To turn it off (on the 507C) is two button pushes which I can do without
even looking (like unsuspending).

I also 'fast bolus' without looking.  Great in the car when I've tested but
don't want to crash taking out my pump, etc.

Remember, I am an adult doing this (alarm, etc.).  I don't think this would
be a good feature for children to be using.

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