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RE: [IP] dental problems

I always thought my teeth problems (which were really bad - had only one 
cavity before I was 19 yo, but then between 15 and 25 every six months!) 
were my fault (I suppose docs acting like all I had to do was brush, etc), 
but not long ago found out that I had celiac disease, which, supposedly 1 in 
20 type I diabetics have.  It's an autoimmune disease that causes 
malabsorption, and in some celiacs that leads to enamel problems from 
calcium/vitamin D deficiency.  This wouldn't explain gum disease as far as I 
know (my gums are great, anyway - holding on to those good for nothin' teeth 
like there's no tomorrow) but if your teeth are decaying and/or breaking and 
you're a type I, it's worth looking into.

>As far as dental problems go and diabetes, I belive part of it can be true
>but there are a lot of people on here who are diabetic and have beautiful
>and healthy teeth/gums.

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