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Re: [IP] Skpping Meals (was humalog)

At 08:46 AM 5/28/2002 email @ redacted wrote:
 >"I hate to blow your theory that skipping meals is okay just because we're
 >on the pump.  I drove alone from Maryland to Florida.  Since I was somewhat
 >in a hurry, I skipped my supper.  I reached a motel in South Carolina and
 >hit the sack.
 >That was the all time worst
 >insulin reaction I ever had, and I must admit that I probably have had over
 >1000 reactions in my 52 yr diabetes history!!  I suspect that my blood sugar
 >level was below zero that night!!

In theory, if your basals were set correctly, you normally shouldn't have 
dropped so low... but unfortunately everyone is different. I know that some 
people (including myself) cannot rely on a constant basal rate from day to 
day. Every day is different. Probably your basals were set too high for the 
activity level that you had for that day. (I assume that you tested a few 
times before bedtime, and that you were normal at that time). Most of the 
newer pumps allow you to have multiple profiles to compensate for different 
basal needs in different situations. I suspect that carrying in all of the 
luggage, etc. was probably what did it.

I do not think that it is possible for your BG's to go below zero. I 
believe that at zero you'd be dead (or close to it)... some of the medical 
professionals may want to chime in here. It was obviously pretty low, 
though... just not literally below zero.

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