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[IP] Skpping Meals (was humalog)

"I hate to blow your theory that skipping meals is okay just because we're on the pump.  I drove alone from Maryland to Florida.  Since I was somewhat in a hurry, I skipped my supper.  I reached a motel in South Carolina and hit the sack.
Well, I woke up somehow about 2:00 am in the most confusing insulin reaction I have ever had.  I can recall now that I was out of it almost totally.  I remember taking my shirt off and racing around outside the motel in total darkness looking for the office.  Then I remember going back to my motel room, sitting down and telling myself to cool it.  Somehow I found my car keys and went to the car to get some Snicker's bars that I had.  I do remember devouring 2 Snickers in record time.  Finally, I came out of it but did not go back to sleep anymore that night.  That was the all time worst insulin reaction I ever had, and I must admit that I probably have had over 1000 reactions in my 52 yr diabetes history!!  I suspect that my blood sugar level was below zero that night!!
>Are you sure you still want your son to skip meals?

The above scenerio was a very scary one. But Pat was out of her normal routine (a time when we all need to be EXTRA viligent) and stressed.  Stress can play havoc with Bg's (sometimes up sometimes down). So I think the original poster still has a valid point - if our basals are set correctly we may occasionally skip or delay a meal. If I am sitting here at my desk writing grants and end up skipping lunch then it really shouldn't matter a great deal. Now if it is on the weekend and I've been running up and down the stairs doing laundry, and cleaning house etc - then I may very well need to be sure that I eat. 

Now I believe that it is better in the long run and far healthier if I eat my regular meals, get all my veggies and fruit especially - but my pump gives me freedome that MDI didn't.  As always - it is a very individual thing. So Pat's warning is valid - but not law.

Linda & Dax
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