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Re: [IP] Re: Forgeeting to bolus at meals

> I heard an idea, although it may not be a recommended tip, but it might
> :-D
> All the pumps have an auto-off feature, meaning that the pump shuts off
> a preset amount of time that passed since any button was pressed. The
> alarm will go off at that time.  So, one can set before the meal that the
> should beep after an hour or so, to remind to do the bolus.  Just using
> pump as an alarm clock.
> Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
> Jewish Friends With Diabetes
> www.FriendsWithDiabetes.org

I personally don't like this idea. I think you are much better of to use a
watch with an alarm if that is what you need.

1. When the alarm does go off all basals are suspended. So it you miss the
alarm or don't deal with it in a timely fashion you will be worst off then
if you had just skipped the meal bolus.

2. The auto-off is an important safety feature. If you are taking insulin by
injection and you manage to screw-up so badly that you pass out (and there
is no help available) you will probably (may?) come to several hours later
when your insulin wears off and your BG rises. With the pump on the other
hand, in the same situation, the basal insulin will keep your BG low until
the pump is empty (possibly a long time). The properly set auto-off feature
prevents this.

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